The VitaLink network of research sites continues to grow with our newest addition of a de novo site in Columbia, SC. The site is lead by Dr. Greg Feldman, a VitaLink Founding Principle and Principle Investigator who specializes in pulmonary research.

The new research facility is open in partnership with the Providence Health System which operates hospitals across five states, further heightening VitaLink’s abilities to advance research and and bringing new therapies to market. The Columbia site will focus on growing research sites with a focus on the respiratory field.

Our Columbia facility offers service to a new population of patients anc connects our network across South Carolina to cover the state holistically. With an ever growing list of network participants, our abilities continue to grow and offer new services to previously unreached patients.

Dr. Feldman and his team are thrilled to bring VitaLink to Columbia and partner with Providence Health Systems to provide the high quality service and research our patients have come to expect from our connected network. We are proud of the respected presence we have built across South Carolina and are excited to continue expanding across the southeast and beyond.