We’re constantly working to advance our research capabilities and breadth of research proficiencies at VitaLink which makes our partnership with Comprehensive Clinical Trials (CCT) an important and exciting development. CCT is an all-inclusive women’s healthcare provider with over 36,000 patients joining the VitaLink database. This merger brings a wide new set of capabilities to our network which includes all aspects of women’s healthcare. In addition to traditional areas of women’s health studies, our research endeavors are now expanded to sexual and libido studies, gastrointestinal disorders, osteoporosis prevention and treatment, overactive bladder, vaccine studies, and numerous other clinical areas of research and hospital-based studies.

Our team now includes a dedicated team solely focused on device research for more accuracy and comfort in studies such as pap smears, STD testing, blood draw studies, and HPV research among a number of other new and exciting areas of expertise. Thanks to these new capabilities, we are able to maintain the VitaLink promise of on-time, patient centric research with a broader skill set and the high level of knowledge our clients have come to expect.

Growing our network with organizations like CCT is just one way continually work to create a highly connected and reliable resource for clinical research. We are proud to share this partnership with you all and are excited for its impact on the future of VitaLink.