Therapeutic Area

Therapeutic Area


We take pride in being a top-tier administrator of vaccine trials of all scales and sizes. Our experience includes trials in (example) and (example), as well as an ongoing role COVID-19 vaccine trials.
VitaLink facilities are ideally equipped for high volume, high quality vaccine trials across all phases and therapeutic areas. We’ve also partnered with a local lab to perform PBMC measurements for localized, expedited processing for fast, accurate data in early phase testing. Our connected network provides the resources necessary for smooth patient enrollment and comprehensive testing across the Carolinas.
In our pursuit of bettering human life, we believe in the essential power of safe, effective vaccines to keep all people healthy and thriving.


  • Fibroscan Imaging
  • MRE Imaging
  • MRI-PDFF Imagine
  • Liver Biopsy

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Nash Team

3 Studies Ran  - In 2020

3 Studies Ran

In 2020

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