Utilizing VitaLink’s Site Network on a Global Phase IV Study

Case Study #2

Subject Enrollment


Our sponsor came to us for completion of a Phase IV COPD program consisting of 3 studies. This case required global participation of 2,400 patients across 4 countries at 320 testing sites. Per the sponsor's original plan, only 6 to 8 subjects were allowed at any given facility and only 4 VitaLink sites were originally chosen. Due to this complexity and the required inclusion/exclusion criteria, enrollment lagged for the third study.


We stayed in close contact with the sponsor and worked together to up the number of VitaLink testing sites to 10. After a newly negotiated clinical trial agreement, we were able to offer better ease of entry for the sponsor across our standardized network. Thanks to VitaLink’s intense pre-screening, the sponsor saw an immediate decrease in screen failures.


After switching to more VitaLink testing facilities, the sponsor was able to achieve results in record time. Total enrollment was 326- a 232% increase from the original ask and was completed 2 months ahead of schedule. The screen failure rate came in at 25%- a significant decrease from the expected 35%. The average VitaLink enrollment rate was 7-8x that of other sites participating in the study and the sponsor later decided to add an extra VitaLink facility thanks to the other sites performance.

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