Restructuring Early Phase COPD Trial to Meet Timeline And Budget Goals

Case Study 5

Network Efficiency and Consulting


We were approached to aid in an early phase COPD study for a sponsor who was over budget by 25%. Due to budget constraints, the trial was never able to launch. The study originally called for the use of 6 VitaLink sites in addition to ten sites in the US and abroad.


Instead of spreading out across 16 sites, VitaLink was able to drive a higher volume of patients to eight of our network facilities. We worked closely with vendors to determine which services were necessary to move forward with the study. Thanks to our connected network and consolidation of resources, per patient cost dropped approximately 20%


Through negotiation with the sponsor and contractors, we were able to proceed with the study on time and on budget. By using VitaLink’s connected network, the sponsor is now able to accelerate completion of the trial and continue on to Phase II without the need to pause the process.

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