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The Vitalink Difference

The Vitalink Difference is more than a catchphrase. It’s a dedication to quality research and patient wellness we reinforce daily. Our highly organized and unified process connects information and results seamlessly to provide rapid results with greater accuracy to help CROs win more trials and sponsor more studies.

Single Point of Contact From Start to End
Centralized Business Operations
Centralized Standard Operating Procedures
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Our Clinical Research Services

“We decided to work exclusively with Vitalink sites and we enrolled 100 COPD patients in one day. That blew our minds!”

-VP of Clinical Development

"If Vitalink contacted me and said they wanted to do a study with us, given their track record in internal medicine, I would certainly try to work with them

-Global Head of Clinical Research

"Their managers are great...they are medically trained and have a keen understanding for research. That's different than a lot of sites. "

-Clinical Trial Auditor


Founded in 2004
11 Research Sites
27,000 Research Subject Database
2.6 Day Confidentiality Turnaround
2.2 Day Feasibility Turnaround
11.6 Day Regulatory Submission
14 Day Enrollment Time
136 % Enrollment Rate


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